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Reinforcing the Waterloo identity with our internal and external audiences is an important part of presenting ourselves in a consistent and professional manner. Use the MS Word e-letterhead templates to reinforce our brand in your communications.

Note: these e-letterhead templates use the University of Waterloo official standard letterhead elements. To order faculty, department and administrative unit e-letterhead templates, order stationary from Creative Services.

Preprinted letterhead

Use the preprinted letterhead template to format your letter in MS Word prior to printing to preprinted letterhead. The template will ensure that your content is formatted with the appropriate margins required by the stationery.


Official standard letterhead page 1University of Waterloo official letterhead page 1

Official standard letterhead page 2University of Waterloo official letterhead page 2


Note: if the letterhead design elements are cut-off due to custom printer settings, choose 'Scale to fit media' in your print dialog window before printing.

Digital letterhead

Use the digital letterhead template if you intend to send your letter digitally rather than through traditional mail. The template includes the same design elements (logo and seal) as the preprinted letterhead, and is intended to be printed in colour.

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