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Periodic Table Project

To celebrate International  Year of Chemistry in 2011, we asked our readers to sign their students up to create one elemental tile of the periodic table.  Tiles were submitted from all Canadian provinces and territories, 20 US states and 14 different countries.  Together these elemental tiles make one unique collaborative periodic table.

The process to create the elemental tiles was left to the teachers and educators. With the complete freedom to decide on the artist approach, method and media, students began creating their tiles. Some teachers incorporated creating tiles into the curriculum.  Some teachers had a competition and tiles were selected by the entire school voting – such as californium.  Some teachers coordinated it with their art department – the chemistry students did the research and their art students did the tile.  Some were class projects with input for all the students – such manganese.  Leaving the teachers open to complete the tile resulted in a variety of artistic expressions, media and creativity.  With each tile, participants wrote a 100-word description of the creative process which added both literacy and research skills as part of the learning outcomes. 

Jean Hein, editor of Chem 13 News and Richard Vollans, Science Recruitment, Dean of Science Department teamed together to spearhead the project. Online version of the Period Table Project!

Classroom-size posters