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Ontario Graduate Scholarship

In 2012 the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities (MTCU) changed the administrative process for adjudicating and awarding an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).  Please note that this information pertains to the University of Waterloo’s OGS application process.  Each university will have its own.

Competition Information / How to Apply / Accepting your Award

2015-2016 OGS Competition Overview

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program encourages excellence in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels. It is a merit-based scholarship and is available to students in all disciplines of academic study. Students must refer to the information below for complete details regarding the application process and eligibility criteria.

An Ontario Graduate Scholarship can be awarded for a minimum of two terms and a maximum of six terms; it is anticipated that the majority of scholarships will be awarded for three terms. One-term awards are not granted.  The duration of the scholarship is up to the University-wide Scholarship Selection Committee and is dependent upon where the applicant is in their program at the time of adjudication and is also subject to provincial guidelines. 

Students must apply for the OGS at the institution where they want to hold it. The OGS is not transferrable; it must be held at the institution that awarded it. 

The value of an OGS for one year is $5,000 per term. Therefore, students may receive $10,000 (split over 2 terms) or $15,000 (split over 3 terms).

Students who are successful in the OGS competition will also receive the President's Graduate Scholarship valued at up to $10,000/year (paid across 3 terms); the award value will be pro-rated based on the number of terms for which the OGS is awarded and will be paid in a manner in which your department chooses.

Competition Information

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Accepting an Award

Students offered an OGS will be required to complete and submit a document of declaration to the Graduate Studies Office confirming that they meet the eligibility and conditions of the award and that they are in good standing with OSAP.

The OGS can be accepted to start in May, September or January following the announcement of results.

OGS Award Acceptance and Applicant’s Consent & Declaration Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Department Coordinator no later than one month prior to the start date of award

Questions about the OGS program can be sent to Julie MacMillan, in the Graduate Studies Office.

Last updated: July 25, 2014