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ARTS International Trade Specialization trip to Israel

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fourth-year students participating in the International Trade Specialization (ITS) have had the opportunity to visit Israel over the past 2 weeks through the Waterloo-Israel International Trade Experience Program. Over the course of their trip, which will occur annually for the next 5 years, students have immersed themselves in Jewish history, culture, business, and religion within the context of globalization and international trade.

Of her experience in Israel, student Justine Wadhawan says,

This trip has been one that has instilled growth for me, both personally and professionally…Through our trips and adventures we have had the opportunity to witness harmony that exists between historical value and economic development. As a student in the International Trade Specialization, this coexistence is important to recognize. I was fortunate to have ITS bring me to Israel; however, the culture, the people and the opportunities here are what will bring me back.

Students in Isreal

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Support for the Waterloo-Israel International Trade Experience Program has been generously provided by The Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation.

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