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Bike Centre

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Hours of Operation

The Bike Centre is now OPEN!

Our hours for the Fall term are: Mon-Thurs, 9:30am-7pm


Our last day of business for this term is Nov. 27th and we're closed all school holidays.


Hot News!

  • The bike auction will be on Thursday, Sept. 25th in the SLC Great Hall.  Bikes will be on displaying for noon, bidding starts at 12:30pm.   For more info, click on auction heading on the left...

Where is the Bike Centre

The Bike Centre is in the northwest corner of the Student Life Centre. You can get to us from the outside by our door in that corner of the building (on the Ring Road side of the SLC loading docks) or from inside the SLC by walking down the hallway past the CIBC and the Apple II hair stylists in the basement. Our room number is SLC 0101.

How the Bike Centre Works

We charge $1/hr for use of the tools and $1 if you use any of the fluids. Both charges are flat rate.

We have new parts for sale, too!

Inner tubes - $4.50 (26", 27", & 700c sizes); $3 (26" presta valve)
Brake & Shift cables: $3
Brake & Shift housing: $2/ft
Patch kits: $2.50 (regular), $4 (gluessless)
Ankle Straps: $4

The fluids available are oil (suitable for your chain), lube (the thick gooey stuff to be used on bearings), and citrus-based solvent (for helping get rid of the old gooey stuff).

We have the tools for most routine maintenance.  What we don't have are tools that are specific for disc brakes,  suspension fork or shock, frame straightening, pressing in headset cups, or for weird/cutting-edge/high-end parts.


How to Contact the Bike Centre

Our extension is x35174. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to call or email us.