Survival Mode: i can't speak it, but i can write it down for you

Created for #16daysUW by students, alum, and faculty of the Theatre and Performance program

In this video series we explore the experience of what it feels like to receive inappropriate comments – verbal assaults – from strangers, passing in cars, while we are going about our business in public space.

The texts you read on the screen are actual comments that we have experienced, while living in Waterloo Region; the responses you hear spoken represent our desired response to these assaults.

In this project, survival mode is one wherein a person is constantly constructing responses to casual acts of gender-based violence, but only ever imagining how these replies might sound. We hope that the work of these videos will be to give voice to these replies, and encourage and inspire responses to violence that will liberate survivors from a mode of mere survival.

Survival Mode was created by students, alumni, and faculty from the Theatre and Performance program, Department of Drama and Speech Communication.

Performers: Brooke Barnes, Michelle Kestle, Zac Gungl, and Andy Houston

Executive Director: Andy Houston

Video Direction: Zac Gungl

Text: Michelle Kestle