The 2020 #16DaysUW campaign invites the University community to participate in numerous actions and events between November 25th and December 10th.

Some of these are ongoing over the 16 days, and others are scheduled on specific dates and times.

Bridge: Honouring the Lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit People 

Bridge with red ribbonsBridge: Honouring the Lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit People has become an annual installation since 2016 for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence at the University of Waterloo.

We are seeking volunteers to honour and remember individual lives by reading names. If interested in participating, contact Sorouja Moll @

Working with the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre (WISC) Professor Sorouja Moll initiated Bridge in 2016 to create a space for all University community members to learn about the crisis as they reflect upon their responsibilities, write a name on red fabric, and tie it to the bridge between Environment 3 and St. Paul's University College.

To maintain a safe environment by adhering to COVID-19 protocols, the 2020 installation will invite the public to read the names out loud as the red fabric is tied to the bridge.

The gesture to name, remember, and honour the 4000+ missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirit people in Canada is an active engagement in learning about the depth of the crisis in the nation while resisting the existing silence that continues to shroud it. Originally installed in Montreal in 2009, as The Writing Names Project, Moll's research-creation initiative is a counter memorial and is part of a meaningful and sustained collaborative intercultural praxis between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Bridge installation Opening Ceremony and Fire on Wednesday, November 4 at 1:00 pm at the bridge between Environment 3 and St. Paul's University College. The closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday, November 25 at 1:00 pm.

Bridge: Honouring the Lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit People 2019 Video

Social Justice Wednesdays - Virtual Talk with Dr. Greta Kroeker

Join the Gender and Social Justice program for their first installment of their Social Justice Wednesday talks. Dr. Greta Kroeker (History, GSJ) will be discussing "The Artemisia Project".

Talk summary: A new rape culture emerged in Early Modern Europe (1450-1750) as Europeans incorporated the moral priorities and cultural consequences of the Reformations, both Protestant and Catholic. These changes left a durable legacy as consistories, courts, and communities increasingly focused on the moral characters of rape victims. This talk examines the linguistic evidence of this shift as Europeans began to speak of rape, rape victims, and rape perpetrators in new ways and the pedagogical project that has grown from this research, The Artemisia Project. 

Online, 1 hour talk on Wednesday November 11th from 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Healthy Relationships Workshop

Building and maintaining healthy relationships after trauma can come with unique challenges. In this online workshop hosted by the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office and the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, we will discuss the impact of trauma on relationships, signs that a relationship is healthy/unhealthy, and tools and tips for healthy communication with the people in our lives.

This workshop is geared towards survivors of sexual violence. Support during this workshop will be provided by UW Counselling

Online, 1.5 hour workhop in a small group setting on Thursday November 26th from 3:00pm - 4:30pm

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Canada changed forever on December 6, 1989 when 14 young women were murdered in a gender-based act of violence at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal.

This year we will come together as a community, virtually, and honour the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. This day is not only an opportunity to reflect and honour the lost lives of 14 young women, but to also consider and take action against violence that people who identify as women in our communities face to this day.

The University of Waterloo, in partnership with the Canadian Federation of University Women Kitchener-Waterloo, is hosting a special ceremony of remembrance.

The event takes place on Friday, December 4 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on YouTube Live. Register with ticketfi.

Male Allyship in the Workplace

In this engaging workshop hosted by the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, we will look at ways that men can be allies in their workplace. We will learn about microaggressions, power and privilege, and what practical steps we as men can take to contribute to gender equity.

Online, 1 hour workshop in a small group setting on Tuesday December 8th from 10:00am - 11:00am

Taking Action Against Online Harassment Workshop for Staff

How do we address unsafe workplace cultures before lines are crossed or legal issues arise? How can we communicate thoughtfully and respectfully during these predominantly virtual times?

In this engaging online workshop hosted by the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, we will focus on examining how different actions, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs contribute to healthy or unhealthy workplaces, and we will pay special attention to fostering healthy online communication.

Online, 2-hour workshop for staff on December 8th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Responding to Disclosure Training

In this interactive online training hosted by the Sexual Assault Centre of Waterloo Region, participants will learn how to respond when someone tells you about their experience of sexual violence and the first steps to supporting them.

This training is great for all, including those who work in caring professions, educators, parents, and anyone looking to be a better ally to survivors of sexual violence.

Online, 2-hour workshop on December 8th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Supporting Survivors in Your Life

The holidays are a time for connecting with those you care about. How can we support someone we love if they are struggling with trauma from sexual violence? Join us in a safer space to connect with other supporters and explore strategies to support the survivor(s) in your life.

This workshop is hosted by the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region. Support during the workshop will also be provided by UW Counselling.

Online, 1.5 hour workshop for students, faculty and staff on December 16 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm