Types of Technology Description

Milling Machine - ProtoMat S103

Protomat Printer                                                           

The ProtoMat S103 is the premier system in the LPKF S-Series line of printed circuit board milling machines.

  • Highest available speed (100,000 rpm), highest resolution (0.5 μm) and repeatability (± 0.001 mm)
  • Maximum board size of 203 mm by 279 mm (8 in by 11 in)
  • Automatic 15-position tool changer
  • Automatic milling width adjustment
  • Pneumatic non-contact working depth limiter
  • Built-in vacuum table
  • For more information on the ProtoMat S103, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Through-Hole Plating - MiniContac RS

Through-hole plating printer

The MiniContac RS is a through-hole plating system specially developed for the professional production of prototype and small batch production printed circuit boards.

  • Max board size of 200 mm by 260 mm (7.9 in by 10.2 in)
  • Carbon activator
  • Maximum of 8 layers
  • Features Reverse Pulse Plating
  • Uses reliable formaldehyde-free Blackhole® Technology
  • For more information on the MiniContac RS, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

MultilayerPress - MultiPress S

Multilayer Press Printer

*** No longer available ***

The LPKF MultiPress S is a bench-top multilayer press, ideal for creating multilayer circuit boards in a laboratory or prototyping environment. With a shorter pressing time of approximately ninety minutes, the system offers faster turnaround times than ever before and is used to develop production-quality multilayer prototype boards.

  • Maximum press area of 229 mm by 305 mm (9 in by 12 in)
  • Maximum pressure of 286 N/cm2
  • For more information on the MultiPress S, please visit the manufacturer’s website.