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Community outreach

The University of Waterloo has a longstanding relationship to our community. At local, regional, provincial and national levels, the University is regarded as an institution with a vast array of expertise and resources that help contribute to a strong and vibrant community.

Waterloo relies on our communities as instrumental to the success of our institution, our students, and our research. Together, this interdependence between the university and community reflects a natural synergy that provides a positive impact on our community.

Our students, faculty and staff are engaged in widespread outreach activity year-round. This includes outreach to our communities of interest and diverse groups of stakeholders including but not limited to youth and families, government, corporate partners, not-for-profit organizations, donors and alumni.

The Community Relations & Events team in University Relations serves as a resource and point of contact for all members of our community and our students, faculty, and staff, acting as a bridge between the university campuses and the communities around us.

To learn more about how Waterloo is engaged with our community, our current outreach initiatives and events and how we invest in our community please visit Community Relations