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Anyone can claim to be a leader. The University of Waterloo has earned the title, proving repeatedly that the institution belongs in the upper echelon of higher education. Waterloo is national and international leader in engineering, in finance, in quantum information and psychology. It stands out among its peers for optometry and kinesiology. Waterloo has blazed the trail in co-operative education, setting a standard for experiential learning emulated by many. Waterloo is leading the way.

Among all Canadian universities:

  • Most innovative – 23 of 23 years
  • Best overall – 18 of 23 years
  • Leaders of tomorrow – 16 of 23 years

(Maclean’s magazine, reputational rankings)

Waterloo leads the way

  • Largest faculty of engineering in Canada
  • Largest actuarial science program in North America
  • One of the largest concentrations of quantum information scientists in the world
  • #1 psychology department in Canada, by citations
  • World’s first kinesiology department
  • Canada’s only English-language School of Optometry
  • Largest post-secondary co-operative education program of its kind in the world