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Professor and student

A different way of teaching

Teaching at Waterloo has always been less about delivering knowledge, and more about opening doors to discovery.

From the 20,000-square-foot Student Design Centre in Engineering 5, to undergraduate research fellowships in areas including health promotion, involving students in research starting at the undergraduate level is a teaching priority at Waterloo.

The Centre for Teaching Excellence fosters teaching and learning of the highest quality at Waterloo, supporting the development of instruction by working collaboratively with departments and individuals at all career stages.

Education with experience

Learning at Waterloo is part of a lifelong journey, something students carry with them into the world. Many return to Waterloo for graduate studies, or seek other professional designations. More than 17,000 people hold two Waterloo degrees, and almost 1,200 have earned three.

With the largest co-operative education program of its kind in the world, Waterloo pioneered a style of experiential learning that connects students with careers, allowing them to apply ideas developed in a classroom in real-world settings.

Co-op of the year award winners

2015 Co-op students of the year: from left to right, Joey Pereira (Computer Science), Emily West (Psychology), Andrew MacDonald (Geography and Environmental Management), Rachel McDonald (Health Studies), Vinita Dhir (Science and Business) and Jordan Grant (Management Engineering).

Award winning teachers

2016 Distinguished Teacher Awards winners:

  • Jee-Hae Lim (Accounting and Finance)
  • Robert McKillop (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Kathryn Plaisance (Knowledge Integration)
  • Mark Pritzker (Chemical Engineering)

2016 Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student:

  • Tiffany Bayley (Management Sciences)
  • John Doucette (Computer Science)
  • Hadi Hosseini (Computer Science)
  • Laura Sauder (Biology)

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