University of Waterloo Economic Impact Study 2013

Benefits to the economy

  • University of Waterloo generates $2.6 billion in total annual spending impacts.
  • For every dollar the Government of Ontario spends on the University of Waterloo, the university returns nearly nine times ($8.80) in economic impacts to the province.
  • University of Waterloo generates 20,000 jobs in Ontario.
  • In 2011, University of Waterloo received $297 million from Government of Ontario, generating $2.6 billion in spending impacts and more than $1.4 billion in labour income.
  • 46 per cent of the spending impact – $1.2 billion annually – is a result of the university’s role in anchoring the Waterloo Region Innovation Ecosystem and is spending that would not likely occur without the university.

Highly-skilled graduates

  • The university is a leading source of highly skilled employees that companies depend on for their ongoing success.
  • Half of the 720 companies in Waterloo Region said the University of Waterloo is a key factor in their startup or ongoing operations.
  • The university helps generate and attract a critical mass of talent and highly qualified personnel within Waterloo Region.
  • 72 per cent of companies surveyed in Waterloo Region said they depend on University of Waterloo graduates and students as a source of employment. Of those, 44 per cent said that Waterloo students and graduates made up more than half of their workforce.

An entrepreneurial culture

  • The university fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which helps facilitate the commercialization of ideas and research. 
  • University of Waterloo spinoffs: 33 per cent Information and Communications Technology, 17 per cent clean technology, 17 per cent life sciences, 17 per cent advanced manufacturing, 8 per cent digital media.
  • The university facilitates linkages and collaboration across the Waterloo Region Innovation Ecosystem, which further enhances the innovation process and generating additional economic impact across Ontario.