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Leading by example

The value Waterloo places on teaching, research and entrepreneurial excellence is evident throughout its leadership team.

President and Vice-Chancellor Feridun Hamdullahpur is a professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering whose research expertise includes energy conversion systems, hydrodynamics and fuel cells.

Vice-President Academic & Provost George Dixon is a professor of biology whose expertise includes environmental impacts associated with metals and mining activity.

University vice-presidents include a mix of highly-respected researchers and entrepreneurs, including George Dixon, well-known for his work in the areas of aquatic toxicology and environmental risk management.


  • President and Vice-Chancellor Feridun Hamdullahpur
  • Vice-President Academic & Provost George Dixon
    • Co-operative & Experiential Education
    • Institutional Analysis & Planning
    • Library
    • Office of the Registrar
    • Legal and Immigration Services
  • Vice-President University Research Charmaine B. Dean
    • Office of Research
  • Vice-President University Relations Sandra Banks
    • Community Relations and Events
    • Government Relations
    • Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
    • University Communications
  • Vice-President Administration and Finance Dennis Huber
    • Bookings
    • Material Resources (Central Stores and Procurement & Contract Services)
    • Finance
    • Plant Operations
  • Vice-President Advancement Joanne Shoveller
  • University Secretary Karen Jack
    • Records Management
    • Information and Privacy Protection
    • Police Services
    • Safety Office
  • Associate Provost, Resources Beth Jewkes
    • Office of Academic Integrity
    • Space Planning
    • WatCACE
    • WatPD
  • Associate Provost, Students Chris Read
    • AccessAbility Services
    • Athletics and Recreational Services
    • Campus Wellness
    • Counselling Services
    • Food Services
    • Health Services
    • Housing & Residences
    • Retail Services
    • Student Success Office
    • Theatre Centre
    • WatCard
  • Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Post-Doctoral Affairs, Jeff Casello
  • Associate Provost, Human Resources Marilyn Thompson
    • Human Resources
    • Organizational & Human Development
    • Daycare Centres
  • Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education, (Vacant)
    • Centre for Career Action
    • Co-operative Education
    • EDGE
    • Operations
    • WatCACE
    • WatPD
  • Chief Information Officer Bruce Campbell
    • Information Systems & Technology
  • Associate Vice-President, Academic Mario Coniglio
    • Centre for Extended Learning
    • Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Associate Vice-President, International Ian Rowlands
  • Executive Director, Co-operative Education & Career Action, Ross Johnston
  • University Librarian, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya
  • Associate Provost, Institutional Data, Analysis and Planning, Allan Starr
  • Office of the Registrar, Catherine Newell Kelly
  • Deputy Provost, Integrated Planning and Budgeting, Susan Tighe


Organizational charts

Organizational charts for the university are maintained by the Secretariat.