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I've been charged with an academic integrity offence. What do I do?

Be honest

If you are charged with an act of academic dishonesty, it is important to tell the truth.

If there are what you feel to be extenuating circumstances, put them forward at each step in the process.

Above all, learn from your mistakes, and take corrective action for the future.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.

John Powell

You may want to discuss the allegation(s) with your professor and/or academic advisor to ensure a thorough understanding of how they believe you may have violated the University of Waterloo policy. Even if the situation is resolved informally, your professor is required to report all violations to the Associate Dean for your Faculty.

Read the University of Waterloo policy 70 (Student petitions and grievances), policy 71 (Student discipline), and policy 72 (Student appeals), they will provide you with information regarding the procedures that will take place.

What to expect:

  • to be fully informed of the charge(s) against you and the evidence
  • the right to explain and/or defend your actions
  • the right to appeal the verdict
  • fair discipline relative to the frequency and severity of the offence—read Guidelines for the Assessment of Penalties to gain a better understanding of what to expect disciplinarily