Guidelines for instructors


Students MUST be informed that Turnitin® is to be used in your course. The following statement must be added to ALL course outlines: Text matching software (Turnitin®) may be used to screen assignments in this course. Turnitin® is used to verify that all materials and sources in assignments are documented. Students’ submissions are stored on a U.S. server, therefore students must be given an alternative (e.g., scaffolded assignment or annotated bibliography), if they are concerned about their privacy and/or security. Students will be given due notice, in the first week of the term and/or at the time assignment details are provided, about arrangements and alternatives for the use of Turnitin® in this course.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor if they, in the first week of term or at the time assignment details are provided, wish to submit the alternate assignment.

If you would like a Graduate student to submit a research paper or thesis this can be done using iThenticate software. The student will need to get his/her own iThenticate account and agree to submit her/his own materials.  Graduate students should contact Sean Warren in IST (ext: 46950)  to arrange their own iThenticate account. The same general usage guidelines (below) apply.

  • Students must be given a reasonable option if they do not want to have their assignment screened by Turnitin.  Alternatives could be one of:
    • an annotated bibliography
    • a draft bibliography identifying and documenting all sources and submitted on a specified date before the due date for the assignment
    • a “scaffolded” assignment where the student submits an outline of their paper in advance and then at least one draft of the paper with their list of resources before the submission of the final paper with a bibliography
    • a review of available research data on the subject
    • an oral presentation of the topic to demonstrate personal knowledge
    • other options the instructor and student have agreed upon
  • Students need to inform their instructors (by a predetermined date at the beginning of term) that they do not wish to have their work submitted to Turnitin®.
  • Students must be made aware that their submissions will be stored on a server in the United States and is subject to potential review. Therefore, students who have privacy or security concerns, may wish to choose an alternative to Turnitin®.
  • Instructors have the choice regarding whether to allow students to see the Turnitin® originality report, or to have only the course instructor receive such reports.

Arranging for students to receive the originality reports can serve an educational purpose. If students submit their papers to Turnitin® in sufficient time before a submission date, they can revise their papers to ensure they are following the required citation rules set by the instructor and in observance to Policy 71. Each instructor may decide which approach to take.


For assistance with pedagogical and practical course design consult your faculty liaison at The Centre of Teaching Excellence.