Academic Integrity Survey

The Office of Academic Integrity and the Library have invited graduate students to complete a survey on academic integrity, with the chance to win one of five Google Home Minis. The information gathered from the survey will be used to inform a redesign of the Graduate Academic Integrity Module (Grad AIM), which graduate students are required to complete at the beginning of their degree program. 

Draw Incentive Rules and Regulations 

Eligibility: 2019 University of Waterloo Graduate Student respondents that submit their responses to the Academic Integrity Survey and enter their name and email at the end of the survey will be entered into a random draw to win one of five Google Home Minis. Eligibility for the Google Home Mini opens on May 21st, 2019 at 9:00am and closes on June 7th 2019 at 11:59pm.  

Please note that you do not need to participate in the survey to be eligible for the draw. However, you must meet eligibility requirements (i.e. 2019 University of Waterloo graduate student) to be able to participate in the draw. To be included in the draw without participating in the survey, please send your name, email to by June 7th, 2019 at 11:59pm. 

Right to Disqualify: The University reserves the right to disqualify any entry not conforming to these Rules and Regulations at any time. The University assumes no responsibility for entry fraud committed by an entrant and reserves the right to demand return of the prize and all costs associated with remedying any prize awarded to an ineligible entry or entrant. The University is not responsible for any incomplete, failed or delayed transmission of your submission due to the Internet, including interruption or delays caused by equipment or software malfunction or other technical difficulties. 

Winner Selection: All respondents that submit their survey responses email their entry request will be eligible to win one of five Google Home Minis. The winners of the Google Home Minis will be selected in a random draw from eligible entries on June 11th 2019. Your odds of winning one of five Google Home Minis will depend on the number of individuals that enter into the draw (approximately 6,000 graduate students were invited to complete the survey). The award winner will be contacted by Erin Nearing within 2 business days of the draw closing date by email. Please note that in order to win a Google Home Mini, the selected entrant must correctly answer a time-limited skill-testing mathematical question.

Privacy Policy

The Office of Academic Integrity and the Library at the University of Waterloo are committed to respecting the privacy of survey respondents to our surveys.

Under the Authority of the University of Waterloo Act (1972), the University of Waterloo processes information—including personal information recorded about an identifiable individual—for the purposes of operating the programs and business functions of the university.  This collection, use, disclosure, retention, and destruction of information is done in compliance with (1) applicable Ontario and Canadian federal privacy legislation (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Personal Health Information Protection Act, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), as well as in accordance with (2) University of Waterloo policy and guidelines regarding privacy (Policy 46, Notice of Collection, website privacy statement). Learn more about University of Waterloo Information and Privacy.

Questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by the university, should be directed to the Privacy Officer at Questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of information associated with this survey should be directed to

Survey Respondents

We are committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy. Personal information is defined as any details that will enable you to be identified, such as ID numbers, telephone numbers, address, email address etc.

When designing and executing our project, it is our policy to take all necessary steps to ensure that personal information you provide is processed fairly and lawfully.

Only authorized staff has access to personal information and they are obliged to respect its confidentiality. We do not sell, rent or exchange any personal information supplied by you to any third party. Nor do we use any of the information you provide for direct marketing or other non-research activities.

All personal identifying information (name, email address, etc.) are used only for the administration of prizes and/or incentives, and is stored separately from survey responses. All non-identifying survey data is used solely for evaluation and / or research purposes. All survey data are transferred and carefully stored on encrypted, password protected, secured network drive (electronic) or in a locked cabinet (paper resources) for a period of 2 years or until superseded or obsolete. Where it is necessary to work with a third party company or organization to evaluate or analyze data results, a third party confidential and data sharing agreement is signed to ensure secure and appropriate handling of data.  

Please note that when information is transmitted over the Internet, privacy cannot be guaranteed. There is always a risk your responses may be intercepted by a third party (e.g., government agencies, hackers). See Waterloo’s guidelines on secure data transmission for more information.