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Photo of library bookshelves with our "work study play with integrity" slogan

Take advantage of the information and resources available on campus and online.

Policies. Becoming familiar with the University of Waterloo’s policies will help you understand how the university deals with misconduct.

Academic integrity fact sheet.  Read this Student Fact Sheet (PDF) for more information on misunderstood offences and other important facts.

Academic integrity tutorials and videos.  The University of Waterloo has many tutorials and videos that discuss academic integrity. You can also access another tutorial from the Office of Research Integrity at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Academic assistance.  Get help in strengthening your academic writing skills and learn where you can go for academic advising.

Correct formatting and referencing.  Ensure your assignments are properly formatted and include proper citations for your sources. Failure to properly acknowledge your sources will result in an academic penalty.

Time and stress management.  Take advantage of counseling and academic advising services to help you deal effectively with stress.

Faculty integrity contacts. Find out who handles academic integrity issues in your Faculty.

The University of Waterloo is committed to helping students achieve their academic potential. Take responsibility for your actions and be proactive - we are here to help! Integrity works at Waterloo.