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Turnitin® at Waterloo

How it works

Just as with other "dropbox" assignments on the University of Waterloo-LEARN, students will submit their papers, assignments, theses, or research papers electronically (by an "upload"), but in this case the document is sent to the Turnitin® service. Turnitin® then compares the content of those submitted papers to all of the other papers and documents submitted to its database and highlights any similarities between a student's paper and an existing document.

For further information on using Turnitin® at Waterloo:

Turnitin® documentation and support

Turnitin® Guidelines for Instructors

Turnitin® Quick Guide for Instructors (pdf)


Turnitin® Quick Guide for Students (pdf)

Frequently asked questions

Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) teaching tips for using Turnitin®

Turnitin® training

Interested in learning more about Turnitin®? Visit Waterloo LEARN help for more information on Turnitin® courses.

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions but are interested in using Turnitin®, please contact Sean Warren (ext: 46950)

If your department wishes to host a course for instructors in your own area, with a minimum of 10 attendees, please contact Sean Warren ( to arrange a time.

If you want more information on LEARN, contact LEARN Help by email ( or phone (ex. 41744).