Turnitin® at Waterloo

How it works

Just as with other "dropbox" assignments on the University of Waterloo-LEARN, students will submit their papers, assignments, theses, or research papers electronically (by an "upload"), but in this case the document is sent to the Turnitin® service. Turnitin® then compares the content of those submitted papers to all of the other papers and documents submitted to its database and highlights any similarities between a student's paper and an existing document.

As of Spring 2018 the following text must appear in all course outlines:

Turnitin.com: Text matching software (Turnitin®) may be used to screen assignments in this course. Turnitin® is used to verify that all materials and sources in assignments are documented. Students’ submissions are stored on a U.S. server, therefore students must be given an alternative (e.g., scaffolded assignment or annotated bibliography), if they are concerned about their privacy and/or security. Students will be given due notice, in the first week of the term and/or at the time assignment details are provided, about arrangements and alternatives for the use of Turnitin® in this course.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor if they, in the first week of term or at the time assignment details are provided, wish to submit the alternate assignment.

For further information on using Turnitin® at Waterloo:

Turnitin® documentation and support

Turnitin® Guidelines for Instructors

Turnitin® Quick Guide for Instructors (pdf)

Turnitin® Guidelines for Students  (pdf)

Turnitin® Quick Guide for Students (pdf)

Frequently asked questions

Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) teaching tips for using Turnitin®

Turnitin® training

Interested in learning more about Turnitin®? Visit Waterloo LEARN help for more information on Turnitin® courses.

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions but are interested in using Turnitin®, please contact Sean Warren (ext: 46950)

If your department wishes to host a course for instructors in your own area, with a minimum of 10 attendees, please contact Sean Warren (sgwarren@uwaterloo.ca) to arrange a time.

If you want more information on LEARN, contact LEARN Help by email (learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca) or phone (ex. 41744).