What to do if you suspect or encounter an Academic Integrity offence

We know that many faculty members are reluctant to proceed with a charge of academic dishonesty for several reasons. They may feel they do not have substantial proof to make a charge, there is too much bureaucracy involved, and that the 'system' puts the burden of proof on them to ensure due process to the student. But, don't forget:

  • If you have concerns , talk to your Associate Dean about your situation.
  • The University of Waterloo policy requires you to report all infractions to your Associate Dean.
  • You have the option to resolve issues informally and to suggest disciplinary action to the Associate Dean. An example of an informal resolution is the Academic Integrity workshop.
  • Achieving Academic Integrity is a team effort - and prevention is always preferable to prosecution.
  • Have a comment or suggestion? Let us know!

How reporting helps:

  1. It helps the University of Waterloo monitor our educational programs to better target offending students. The majority of Academic Integrity (AI) infractions occur through ignorance and it is our goal to assist our students to prevent violations from occurring in the first place.
  2. It is vital that students are aware that the odds are not on their side; if they cheat or otherwise violate AI policy, they will be caught, and there will be repercussions for their actions.
  3. If a student is cheating in one course, they are likely repeating this behaviour in another course. By reporting the behaviour, the faculty member is helping the student as early identification will help identify repeat offenders and/or assist students earlier.
  4. Penalties are appropriate to the action; a first offence committed in ignorance is dealt with more compassionately than a repeat offender.
  5. You are personally demonstrating academic integrity by reporting offenders and are leading by example.

A record is kept by the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel of infractions and is available on their website under: University Committee on Student Appeals .

For full details on the University of Waterloo policies go to the integrity policies page and review Policies 71, 72, and 73.