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Plagiarism Software for Researchers

  • The iThenticate plagiarism tool is provided by iParadigm, the parent company to Turnitin.

    Turnitin and iThenticate check against the same databases, but these services are designed for different categories of users. While Turnitin is designed to meet the needs of instructors, iThenticate is a plagiarism detection service for researchers.
  • iThenticate can be used by uWaterloo authors to check documents such as articles and book chapters to be submitted for publication, grant proposals, theses and dissertations.
  • iThenticate is jointly supported by the Office of Academic Integrity, IST, and the Library.

For more information, visit the iThenticate Frequently Asked Questions.


To start using iThenticate:    Contact  Sean Warren (ext: 46950)

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