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Time and Stress Management

Many otherwise honest students are tempted to cheat when faced with looming deadlines, high stress levels, difficulties with time management, or personal relationships.

"It is 11:30 pm. You have just come home, exhausted, from your part-time job. You have had an awful day, including a fight with your best friend. As you crawl into bed, you suddenly realize, to your horror, that you have an assignment due first thing tomorrow morning that you completely forgot about. Panic sets in...."

It may seem like an easier way out at first, but cheating or plagiarism is not the answer.

There are a number of resources on campus to assist you in managing your time and resources including:

Counselling Services

Workshops are available on various topics, including time management, nutrition, writing skills, exam preparation, budgeting skills, and stress management. If you are struggling to cope with your course load, or with family or relationship issues, you may find it helpful to speak with a counsellor.

Academic Advisors

Your advisor is available to discuss academic and personal issues that may have an impact on your studies. If you are experiencing challenges, talk to your advisor; let him/her know about your situation and they will assist you in your efforts to maintain Academic Integrity.

Short term gain = long term pain

Plan ahead!

  • Make sure you leave a cushion of time between when you plan to start and finish your assignments and when they are due. It is always better to be finished early than to be scrambling shortly before an assignment is due.