Please note that effective December 7 2020, the Quality Council's Quality Assurance Framework and Guide will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. A PDF version is available from the QC in the meantime. Should you have any questions about where to find relevant resources or information in the Framework or Guide, please contact Amanda McKenzie

About Academic Program Reviews & Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Office oversees and supports cyclical program reviews, proposals for new programs and reporting of program major modifications along with being responsible for a broad range of matters including overseeing the University of Waterloo’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) (pdf). The Office directly reports to the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA) and the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (AVPGSPA).

At University of Waterloo, the fundamental purposes of the academic program review process are to help:

  1. Each program to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of academic excellence, through systematically reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses, and looking forward to determine what actions would further enhance quality in the program;
  2. Assess the quality of the program relative to counterpart programs in Ontario, Canada and internationally, and
  3. Meet public accountability expectations through a credible, transparent, and action-oriented review process.

The Quality Assurance Office holds a presentation each year to review the processes and timelines for upcoming cyclical program reviews.

Provincial framework: