Please note that effective December 7 2020, the Quality Council's Quality Assurance Framework and Guide will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. A PDF version is available from the QC in the meantime. Should you have any questions about where to find relevant resources or information in the Framework or Guide, please contact Amanda McKenzie

Final Assessment Reports

The Final Assessment Report outlines:

  1. The nature of the review process
  2. The significant strengths and weaknesses of the program as described by either the program and/or the review team
  3. The conclusions and recommendations from the review team report, and
  4. The program response.

The Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA) and the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (AVPGSPA) will bring a Final Assessment Report for approval at Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC) or Senate Graduate and Research Council (SGRC), respectively. The Chair/Director of the program may be invited to these meetings to respond to questions. 

Once the report has received approval through either of the aforementioned councils, it is then brought to Senate for information, after which the Final Assessment Report becomes a public document. The Final Assessment Report is made available for review by the Quality Council.