The Two-Year Progress Report is submitted by the Chair or Director of the Department or School which hosts the program two years after the external reviewer's site visit. 

The report will be completed using a template, and outline what progress has been achieved to date with regards to the implementing plan from the last program review. The report does not need to be long, but should accomplish the following:
  1. Clearly describe progress achieved on the various action items in the original implementation plan, and discernible impacts, if any.
  2. Propose an amended implementation schedule for items that are behind schedule. There should be a clear indication of when specific actions will occur, who will be responsible for oversight or implementation, and, if there are resource implications, where those resources will come from.
  3. Explain any circumstances that have altered the original implementation plan.
  4. If certain recommendations or planned actions are no longer considered appropriate, indicate why.
  5. Address any significant developments or initiatives that have arisen since the program review process, or that were not contemplated during the program review process.
  6. Report on anything else you believe is appropriate to bring to Senate concerning this program.

Two-Year Progress Reports are submitted to Quality Assurance (QA) Office. The QA Office will closely examine these reports as will the AVPA and/or AVPGSPA. The QA Office will take the report to Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC) or Senate Graduate and Research Council (SGRC) for approval and then Senate for information.

*Note: Older Two-Year Progress Reports may not closely follow the current guidelines due to recent updates in the reporting requirements.