Examples of previously submitted final assessment reports:

The Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA) and the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (AVPGSPA) will bring a Final Assessment Report for approval at Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC) or Senate Graduate and Research Council (SGRC), respectively. For augmented reviews, the workload will be evenly split between SUC and SGRC. Augmented reviews will no longer be reviewed by both committees; however the AVPA and AVPGSPA will continue to read all augmented reports. Once the report has received approval through either of the aforementioned councils, it is then brought to Senate for information, after which the Final Assessment Report becomes a public document. The Final Assessment Report is made available for review by the Ontario Quality Council.

The Final Assessment Report outlines:

  1. The nature of the review process
  2. The significant strengths and weaknesses of the program as described by either the program and/or the review team
  3. The conclusions and recommendations from the review team report, and
  4. The program response.

The program response should consider each of the recommendations made by the review team. The response must include a credible implementation plan that not only addresses the substantive issues identified from the program review process but also clearly identifies:

  1. Actions that will follow from specific recommendations
  2. Who will be responsible for acting on those recommendations
  3. Who will be responsible for providing resources, and
  4. Priorities for implementation, with realistic timelines for initiating and monitoring actions.  

The above information should be clearly organized in the response. In some cases, the information can be presented very effectively in a tabular format.

The Dean of the Faculty which offers the program, or equivalent in the affiliated institutions, should send to the AVPA or AVPGSPA a letter endorsing the implementation plan.