Please note that effective December 7 2020, the Quality Council's Quality Assurance Framework and Guide will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. A PDF version is available from the QC in the meantime. Should you have any questions about where to find relevant resources or information in the Framework or Guide, please contact Amanda McKenzie

Degree Level Expectations

"The threshold framework for degree expectations are Waterloo’s guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (adopted by Senate in 2008), and Waterloo’s guidelines for Graduate Degree Level Expectations (adopted by Senate in 2010). These in turn conform to the Guidelines for Degree Level Expectations adopted by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV) 2005.

In addition to the Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations, Waterloo intends its graduating students at the Bachelor’s level to be able to articulate their learning from experiential or applied opportunities, and to demonstrate an understanding of the intellectual, social, cultural, and political diversity of the world in which we live.

The OCAV framework for degree expectations, together with Waterloo’s enhancements, will support departments and academic units in planning or revising curricula and in communicating program goals and outcomes to students and other stakeholders."

- University of Waterloo IQAP 

For more information regarding Degree Level Expectations, please read the Council of Ontario Universities' "Ensuring the Value of University Degrees in Ontario". This guide explains how Ontario universities ensure that students have the necessary skills and knowledge expected of graduates from specific degree programs, and how universities ensure that degree programs meet the highest standards of quality.

Mapping Learning Outcomes

The Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) has created templates and examples for mapping learning outcomes, UDLEs/GDLEs and program components. There are templates available for undergraduate and graduate programs, and can be used for course- or research-based programs. 

CTE has created Questions to Consider as you Create Your Curriculum Map (pdf) to assist in your Program Review.