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Student Roles and Responsibilities

Students have a right to:

  • To be free of discrimination because of disability
  • To receive fair and equitable treatment
  • To receive educational accommodations which are reasonable, necessary, and appropriate on the basis of the specific disability
  • To be accommodated with dignity and courtesy in classrooms and other areas on campus
  • To expect that faculty, staff, and other students will use appropriate language, free of discriminatory or derogatory remarks regarding disabilities
  • To expect that faculty and staff members will keep confidential any personal information that is shared with them in accordance with FIPPA
  • To receive an individualized assessment of documentation
  • To receive timely delivery of appropriate services, consistent with the notice provided by the student
  • To be provided with a prompt equitable investigation and resolution of complaints

Students have a responsibility to:

  • To self-identify your accommodation needs to AccessAbility Services by applying and registering with AccessAbility Services
  • To provide the required  Documentation (/accessability-services/documentation) of your disability to AccessAbility Services.
  • To communicate your needs to AccessAbility Services early in each term (Term Check-in) particularly if you require sign language interpreters, in-class note-takers, course material in alternative format, exam accommodations or adaptive technology equipment as these require extra time to coordinate
  • To adhere to the policies, procedures and deadlines for accessing accommodations and services.
  • To participate fully and actively in developing an Individualized Accommodation Plan and in the accommodations process.
  • To check your UWaterloo email account AccessAbility Services’ Online System regularly for updates and notices from the office.
  • To meet curriculum standards once accommodation is provided.
  • To contact AccessAbility Services if you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting with your accommodation consultant
  • To maintain contact throughout the term with your AccessAbility Services advisor, particularly if changes or problems arise related to your disability and/or courses. If you drop courses for which exam accommodations have been arranged, please inform your accommodation consultant.
  • To use borrowed equipment responsibly and respectfully, returning it by pre-determined deadline
  • To manage your time – class work, attendance and study time. Although AccessAbility Services provides reasonable educational accommodations, you are responsible for your academic success.
  • To contribute towards a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment in AccessAbility Services

You can read the entire document at: Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Roles and Responsibilities

Disability Tax Credit

Le crédit d'impôt pour personnes handicapées