Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Roles and Responsibilities outlines the roles and responsibilities of AccessAbility Services, Students and Faculty/Instructors.

As an instructor it is your right to:

  • To determine course content and methods of instruction
  • To ensure that the academic integrity and standards of the course are not compromised
  • To fail any student who has not passed or mastered course content
  • To discuss any particular accommodations with AccessAbility Services if you feel that the accommodations compromise the integrity of the course
  • To consult with AccessAbility Services staff and other professionals, on or off campus, to determine how best to accommodate students with disabilities in your course

As an instructor it is your responsibility to:

  • To educate themselves about the University’s academic accommodation process
  • To interact with students in a non-discriminatory manner
  • To engage in the accommodation process and to provide appropriate accommodation to the point of undue hardship
  • To design and develop new or revised courses or curricula that is inclusive and addresses the needs of persons with disabilities
  • To ensure the specific rights and entitlements of students with disabilities are upheld in their class, which are guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 15), the Ontario Human Rights Code (Section 17, Subsections 1-4), the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA - Bill 118) , and University of Waterloo Policy 33: Ethical Behaviour
  • To accept that accommodation requests made by AccessAbility Services are based on appropriate documentation from a registered and qualified professional, which the student has supplied to AccessAbility Services which as then been assessed for validity and relevance
  • To accommodate students with disabilities as determined by AccessAbility Services. You are to know the type of accommodations to provide, but not the nature of the disability
  • To enlist the help of AccessAbility Services to gain knowledge of specific disabilities and appropriate accommodations for the disability within the terms of legislation
  • To create an equitable environment where respect for the dignity of the persons with disabilities is upheld, and respect for confidentiality are realized
  • To indicate your willingness to support students with disabilities with disabilities registered with AccessAbility Services. Such a statement is included in University of Waterloo’s standardized course syllabus.
  • To work with students and AccessAbility Services to resolve disagreements regarding accommodations
  • To provide AccessAbility Services with a copy of your exams  2-3 business days in advance when AccessAbility Services is administering your in-class scheduled tests/exams
  • To check your UWaterloo email regularly for correspondence from AccessAbility Services related to accommodations
  • To take a proactive approach in addressing disability related issues and create a learning environment that is inclusive for students with disabilities

You can read the entire document at: Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Roles and Responsibilities

Exam Hotline

Instructors who wish to contact AccessAbility Services with exam information for students writing with our department, please call ext. 32292. 

If our proctors are busy with students at the time of your call and the phone goes to voice mail, leave your contact information and we will get back to you shortly.


Examination Procedures Manual for Instructors