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Jamie WaughResearch Interests

Jamie's research interests include signal processing, machine learning, and control systems for health and medical applications. Her MASc research focuses on human motion analysis, specifically gait analysis and modeling.

She is collaborating with the Neuroscience, Mobility, and Balance Lab in the Kinesiology department to more accurately model gait from real-time observation of any gait signal (i.e. any periodic signal which captures someone’s gait can be used to create a gait model). From the gait model, a variety of gait parameters can be derived. Some applications which use gait parameters include biometrics, functional electrical stimulation, dead reckoning, and characterization (e.g. healthy versus pathological). Some specific rehabilitation applications include monitoring, fall detection/prediction, and evaluation of intervention practices.


Current Projects


  • BASc, Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo
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