Age-Friendly Community: Blueprint

Our model of an age-friendly community can be compared to a house, as the structures of an age-friendly community are similar to the different structures of the house. Below is our Age-Friendly Community Toolkit Blueprint:

Age-friendly community blueprint house model described in text below.

The guiding principles

Starting with the foundation, these are the set of value-based principles for supporting an age-friendly community. The guiding principles of an age-friendly community include:

  • Livability
  • Accountability
  • Access and inclusion for all
  • Respect and support of all citizen
  • Community engagement in decision making

As you work to create an age-friendly community you may encounter difficult decisions, these principles will be your moral compass to guide your choices.

The building blocks

The main part of the house is made up of the three building blocks; this is the main structure for an age-friendly community. The three building blocks are:

  • An informed society
  • An enabling and supportive environment
  • Personal, social, and system connectedness

As you work through our website you will find our toolkit contains reflective questions to get you thinking, along with tips and strategies to help as you build your age-friendly community.

The community sectors

The roof makes up the community sectors including:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Health and social services
  • Civic participation and employment
  • Buildings, parks and other outdoor spaces
  • Life enrichment: recreation, education, arts and culture

The community sectors must work together in order to support the age-friendly community, the same way shingles must be intertwined together. Both need to overlap in a seamless fashion to keep the structures strong. The toolkit contains tips and strategies for each community sector; you can follow these checklists as you build your age-friendly community.

This is a printable version of the Age-Friendly Community Toolkit Blueprint house model (PDF) shown and described above.

Here is a French version of the house model.

Tips for navigating our website

  • As you work through our website keep the house model in your mind to help keep the vision of an age-friendly community
  • Click on Introduction to continue learning how to build an age-friendly community