Building block dialogue starter


To initiate dialogue about the building blocks.


  • Print out the building block dialogue card template - you may reword, adapt or add your own questions to suit your needs.
  • Cut out each discussion card and attach to a cue card.
  • Within your steering committee or small group, select some cards (perhaps five) to discuss. You may want to start with cards from one building block.
  • Use the cards to prompt dialogue. When discussing the reflective questions on the card, you may want to consider:
    • Examples of what is already being done in your community related to that question
    • Examples can that could be implemented by communities/organizations
    • Possible strategies
    • Anticipated challenges that may be encountered
    • Potential solutions to overcome challenges
  • There are no right or wrong answers. Just dialogue and sharing with others!

Other ideas

  • Assign a person in the group to take notes as you may want to record the discussion to refer back to at a later time.
  • Use flip chart paper to capture the key ideas and post this for everyone to see.
  • You can post ideas using the three building blocks as the main titles, or use flip chart paper for strategies, challenges, and solutions.
  • Get the group moving around the room.
  • Use the activity SWOT anaylsis (PDF) template to identify your community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each of the three building blocks.

Building block dialogue cards

Use the pre-made building block dialogue starter cards (PDF), also provided as text below so you can create your own.

An informed society

An enabling and supportive environment

Personal, social, and system connectedness