An informed society: Within the dementia context

An informed society is an important step in eliminating the stigma associated with dementia and in assuring the quality of care. An informed society requires that citizens:

  • Are knowledgeable about their health and the situations that affect others in the community
  • Have access to resources that support awareness at the individual, school, service and broader community levels
  • Have an informed and realistic understanding of dementia

The By Us For Us© (BUFU) Guide as a working example within the dementia context

The By Us For Us© (BUFU) Guides are a series of guides created by a group of talented and passionate persons with dementia in partnership with the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP) and the Alzheimer Society.

The guides are developed out of the desire and need for persons with dementia to access information that helps them enhance their well-being and manage daily challenges.

What makes these guides particularly unique and useful is that they are created by persons with dementia for persons with dementia. There are a total of 13 guides broken into three different series.

Person with Dementia series

This series is written by people living with dementia for people living with dementia and focuses on the experiences and challenges of the individual. Guides in this series include:

  • Memory Workout
  • Managing Triggers
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Enhancing Wellness
  • Tips and Strategies
  • Living and Celebrating Life through Leisure

Partner in Care series

This series is written by partners in care for people living with dementia for other partners in care and focuses on the experience of the care partner. Guides in this series include:

  • Before/Early Diagnosis
  • Role, Health and Well-being
  • Support Matters – focus on young carers

Partnership Series

This series was written in collaboration with people living with dementia and their care partners and focuses on the shared experiences. The guides in this series include:

  • Living and Transforming with Loss and Grief
  • Food and Mealtime
  • Living Safely
  • Safety when Out and About

How the BUFU guides relate to the components within an informed society

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