To create community conversations in order to collect information from community members about needs, wants, and preferences, utilize the tips and suggestions in Using Photo-Voice (PDF), also provided as text below.


  • To encourage people to take photos that represent their perceptions of what an age friendly community is to them.
  • Photos can be used to initiate discussion and dialogue within your age-friendly group or with others.
  • The photos can be used to advocate for change. For examples, photos can be taken to city council, organizations or business to advocate for increased accessibility.

Tips and suggestions

  • Supply older adults with a disposable camera if they do not have a camera
  • Provide participants with a list of suggestions to guide their photography. For example, you may encourage them to take pictures of places, items, or people in your community that represent:
    • Safety and security or un-safety, and insecurity
    • A welcoming and inclusive community or an exclusive or unwelcoming community
    • Accessibility or inaccessibility
    • A great, or not so great, aspect of your community
  • Use these photos to initiate communication
  • There are some great examples of photovoice projects in our resources section: City of Thunder Bay (CERAH), Town of Fort Frances, Voice of Youth through Images of Aging - University of Western Ontario.