Older adult driving a car.

"When physical or mental limitations make it difficult to drive safely, older adults gradually and responsibly withdraw from driving. At that point, many find themselves isolated from the activities that had filled their lives, especially if they live in suburban or rural areas where walking is difficult and non-driving transportation options scarce. Such isolation can seriously undermine the quality of life for older people and accelerate declines in health” - Safe Mobility for a Maturing Society: Challenges and Opportunities. (2003). Washington D.C.: Department of Transportation, p. v)

Organizations that may fit into this sector

  • Public transit (e.g. bus, subway, light rail, and train services)
  • Community transportation programs and/or volunteer driving programs
  • Private companies including taxis
  • Municipal transportation departments
  • Driver assessment and education centres
  • Programs for older adults that require transportation (e.g. day centres or day hospitals)

Transportation within the dementia context

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