Guiding principles

What are guiding principles?

Guiding principles are similar to one’s moral compass. Our guiding principles will help steer your decisions, planning, and practices as you work to become more age-friendly. Our five guiding principles serve as the foundation for building an age-friendly community.

Our five guiding principles for building an age-friendly community are:

  • Respect and support for all citizens
  • Access and inclusion for all citizens
  • Community engagement in decision making
  • Livability
  • Accountability

These guiding principles may be included in your organization's mission statement or philosophies. Others might be a new way to direct your community towards becoming more age-friendly. Watch the video below for an introduction about the guiding principles. 

Why use our guiding principles?

Creating an age-friendly community is more complex than just checking items of a list. The guiding principles will help direct you and ensure you consider the care of all citizens in the community. The guiding principles also help ensure your age-friendly community will be sustainable over time.

Guiding principles in the dementia context

Together reflect and discuss how the five guiding principles are incorporated in day-to-day care, programs, and services for people living with dementia and their family. Keep these conversations going as you build your age-friendly community. Take notes on your discussions and reflect on the guiding principles often.

Congratulations on taking this first step to becoming an age-friendly community!

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