Advancement-EC1 United Way Virtual Silent Auction

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While we may not get to participate in an in-person auction, Advancement-EC1's United Way team is bringing back the silent auction virtually this year! 

From October 25 to 29, you’ll be able to bid on your colleagues’ special creations, talents or services to support an incredible charity in our community.

Below are the items that are available for you to bid on and the guidelines for the online auction: 

Silent Auction Items and Bids: 

Thank you to our silent auction donors for their contributions!

Item 1- Power of the White Board Strategy Learning Session

Description: A 1:1 or team live interactive session with Joanne on how to use a white board. Learn more about this valuable skill from the expert herself!

Donated by Joanne Shoveller

white board

Minimum Bid: $15
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Jamie Russell Reilly $25.00
Davene Palvetzian $30.00
Jamie Russell Reilly $35.00
Claire Mastrangelo $50.00

Item 2- Homemade Gluten Free Baking 

Description: Satisfy your sweet tooth! Your choice of fresh, gluten free baked goods. Delicious!

Donated by Bianca Man 

gluten free cookies

Minimum Bid: $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Laurie Poetker $15.00

Item 3- Red House Restaurant Gift Card 

Description: Enjoy a night out with a $60 gift card for local Uptown Waterloo restaurant, Red House!

Donated by Sandra Rivers

Red house restaurant

Minimum Bid $30
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Jessica Wroblewski  $31.00
Laurie Poetker $70.00
Dipali Batabyal $75.00

Item 4- Handmade Watercolour Holiday Greeting Cards

Description: Spread holiday joy with 3 packs of handmade watercolour holiday greeting cards (5 cards in each pack)!

Donated by Amelia Harkins

holiday cards

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Jessica Manarang $10.00
Alison Boyd  $15.00
Laurie Poetker $25.00
Alison Boyd $30.00
Laurie Poetker $35.00

Item 5- Party-Cakes Celebration Time Gift Pack 

Description: Treat yourself with a gift pack that includes a 4 oz. cake scented hand poured soy candle, one mini glass jar of matches, one vanilla cream bath bomb, one Betty Crocker mugOcake (choc or vanilla), party hat and noisemaker, eating utensils, Happy Face mask, note pad and Rheo Thompson milk chocolate mint smoothie!

Donated by Patty Bisch

gift basket

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Lorraine Mombeshora $20.00

Item 6- Digital Holiday Illustration (Bidder's Choice)

Description: The highest bidder will be awarded a masterpiece digital holiday illustration of their choice by Carlos! Illustration to be completed early December. 

Donated by Carlos Saavedra

Santa with Goose

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Pat Duguay  $20.00
Davene Palvetzian $25.00
Claire Mastrangelo $30.00
Pat Duguay  $35.00
Davene Palvetzian $45.00
Pat Duguay $50.00

Item 7- Holiday Gift Wrapping

Description: Save yourself time this holiday season with beautiful gift wrapping of up to 15 gifts! 

Donated by Emily Huxley Osborne

wrapped gifts

Minimum Bid $10 
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Myra Fernandes  $15.00
Beth Bohnert $25.00 

Item 8- Nature Calendar

Description: A beautiful nature calendar with original photography! This calendar is 8.5x11, coil bound and large enough to write birthdays, etc for each day. The bidder can choose between landscapes, animals/birds, artistic or a combination. 

Donated by Alison Boyd

Nature calendar

Minimum Bid $15
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
April Tanner $20.00
Carolyn Hudson $25.00

Item 9- Homemade Pie (Bidder's Choice) 

Description: Bid on something sweet to make your week! Bidder's choice of homemade raspberry, apple, strawberry-rhubarb or lemon meringue pie.

Donated by Megan Hannath



Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Alison Boyd $12.00
Melissa Cousineau $15.00
Alison Boyd $18.00
Leanne Perreault $20.00

Item 10- Keep Cozy Winter Package 

Description: Keep cozy this winter with this package that includes a crocheted winter headband, hot chocolate mix, a mug, and two dozen homemade cookies!

Donated by April Tanner

keep cozy package
Minimum Bid $15
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Shiela Constant $15.00
Jamie Russell Reilly  $20.00
Carolyn Hudson $25.00

Item 11- Handmade Knitted Pillow

Description: Decorate your space with a lovely knitted pillow, designed and made by Meg! 

Donated by Megan Vander Woude


Minimum Bid $15 
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Pat Duguay  $20.00
Leanne Perreault $25.00
Beth Bohnert $30.00
Claire Mastrangelo $35.00

Item 12- Homemade Cheddar and Herb Bread

Description: Indulge in delicious carbs with a freshly baked homemade cheddar and herb bread! 

Donated by Megan Vander Woude


Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($) 
Alison Boyd $10.00 
Laurie Poetker $15.00
Pat Duguay  $20.00

Item 13- Customized Product (Bidder's Choice!) 

Description: Bid for your choice of a lovely customized product! Options include customized tote, mug, t-shirt or dog bandana. 

Donated by Lorraine Mombeshora 

customized items
Minimum Bid $10  
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Megan Hannath $10.00
Jennifer Murray $15.00 
Carolyn Hudson $20.00

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