Advancement-EC1 United Way Virtual Silent Auction

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While we may not get to participate in an in-person auction, Advancement-EC1's United Way team is bringing back the silent auction virtually this year! 

From October 24 to 31, you’ll be able to bid on your colleagues’ special creations, talents or services to support an incredible charity in our community.

Below are the items that are available for you to bid on and the guidelines for the online auction: 

Silent Auction Items and Bids: 

Thank you to our silent auction donors for their contributions!

Item 1- Personal Horseback Riding Experience ($75 value)

Description: Have you always wanted to learn to ride a horse?  Cathy Wessels and Erin Clark will provide an introductory lesson, using Cathy’s horse (who is used in the riding school at Old Orchard Farm) and Erin’s expertise.  Erin has shown horses and ponies since she was young, qualifying many times for the provincial championships.  The session will take place at Old Orchard Farm 12386 First Line, Nassagewaya (southeast of Guelph) at a time that works for the winner and the schedule at the barn.

Donated by Cathy Wessels and Erin Clark

Harry the horse

Minimum Bid: $50
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Laurie Poetker $75.00

Item 2- Computer Consulting Services 

Description: Dislike computers and technology? Do they stress you out? Your Computing Consultant can assist in:

  • Reviewing options before a purchasing decision
  • Reading the manual on a new gadget so you don’t have to
  • Individualized training on most office software
    • Specific software training available with advanced notice
    • Learning about computer hardware or programming

Donated by Chris Francis


Minimum Bid: $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Lauren Burgess $20.00
Lynda Weigel  $30.00
Lauren Burgess $35.00

Item 3- Homemade Soup- 3x 500ml jars

Description: Soup in a Jar – 3 lunch size (500mL) jars of homemade soup: 1 chicken vegetable rice, 1 beef vegetable noodle, and 1 loaded baked potato

Donated by Patty Bisch


Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Laurie Poetker $20.00
Jamie Russell $30.00
Laurie Poetker $35.00

Item 4- Jambalaya and cornbread family meal ($100 value)

Description: A Giant Pot (serves 6-8 people) of Pat’s famous homemade Jambalaya and a batch of cornbread

The recipe is a rice based (not tomato based) authentic jambalaya recipe that is built from the ground up on carmelized onions and features FIVE meats: sausage, ham, shrimp, chicken, steak. It is a meal in a bowl that is warm, cozy, rich and outrageous.  This is a great cool weather ‘special treat'. The jambalaya can be made to the winner’s preference (smokin’ hot or mild, shrimp/no shrimp, etc. and same with the cornbread (cheezy or jalapeno). Pat will deliver it to the winners home (if within a 30 min drive of UW) on a date/time to be determined mutually between Pat and the winner. 

Donated by Pat Duguay


Minimum Bid $45
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Susan Grant $50.00
Chris Francis $70.00

Item 5- Handmade Quilted Table Runner

Description: This lovely table runner is handmade with fabric from Arizona!

Donated by Joanne Stewart

table runner
Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Emma Courlander $30.00

Item 6- Homemade Preserves 

Description: Treat yourself with some homemade preserves!

Donated by Nenone Donaldson 


Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Emma Courlander $15.00
Sandi Rivers $20.00
Laurie Poetker $25.00
Cathy Wessels  $30.00
Sandi Rivers  $35.00

Item 7- $40 Gluten Free Bakery Gift Card

Description: Enjoy gluten free goodies from This bakery is new and has sweet treats, cakes, scones, cookies, bread, dipping sauces, soups, frozen meals, and GL flour!

Donated by Bianca Man 

baked goods

Minimum Bid $20
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Tamara MacKinnon $30.00

Item 8- $50 Beertown Gift Card 

Description: Enjoy an evening out with good food and drinks! This gift card also covers the whole Charcoal group of restaurants. 

Donated by Laurie Poetker


Minimum Bid $30
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Maxwell Hales $30.00
Nancy Foster $35.00
Maxwell Hales $36.00
April Berwaldt $40.00
Maxwell Hales $41.00
Mari-Beth Davis $42.00
Emily Shim $45.00
Pat Duguay $50.00

Item 9- $50 Rustico Kitchen and Bar Gift Card 

Description: Enjoy some delicious handcrafted pasta and pizza at this great restaurant in Kitchener!

Donated by Sandi Rivers


Rustico logo

Minimum Bid $30
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Sara Dutra $30.00
Shirley Lokker $35.00
Sara Dutra $40.00
Trish Rumble $45.00

Item 10- HO HO HO Holiday Treats for YOU!

Description: Made to order holiday cookies! Let Mari-Beth whip you up some beautiful holiday cookies- 2 cookie types, 2 dozen each, made-to-order (and delivered)! There are a huge variety of options including: peanut butter balls (GF), sugar cookies, gingerbread snowflakes, empire cookies, chocolate crackles, Skor shortbread, cranberry shrtbread chews, maple sandwich cookies, pfefferneussen, salted caramel snickerdoodles, salted milk chocolate and peanut butter blondies, macarons, or really anything you like!

Donated by Mari-Beth Davis

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Cathy Wessels $15.00
Laurie Poetker $30.00
Pat Duguay $50.00
Ingrid Cowan $60.00
Laurie Poetker $65.00
Ingrid Cowan $70.00
Sean Thomas $80.00
Ingrid Cowan $85.00
Sean Thomas $90.00
Ingrid Cowan $100.00
Sean Thomas $110.00

Item 11- Vase

Description: Decorate your home with this beautiful glass vase!

Donated by Leanne Perreault

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Shirley Lokker $10.00

Item 12- Ornate pitcher and glass set 

Description: Serve your guests with this fabulous set! 

Donated by Leanne Perreault

Minimum Bid $10
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($) 
Susan Grant  $20.00

Item 13- Ingrid Taylor Painting

Description: Decorate your home with this summery painting!

Donated by Leanne Perreault

Minimum Bid $10  
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Susan Grant $15.00

Item 14- Lunch Hour Intro to Photography Class

Description: Learn more with 1:1 guidance on how to take professional photographs, how to edit and how to apply these learnings with a phone! (value of $100) 

Donated by Krystal Kowalski

Minimum Bid $40  
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Sophia Reid $40.00
Sean Thomas $45.00
Sophia Reid $50.00

Item 15- Bread/Pastry Item of Your Choosing

Description: Dreaming of fresh baked bread? Or maybe a homemade pie? Let Mari-Beth bake a bread/pastry item of your choosing (fresh bread, baguette, croissants, cinnamon buns, homemade pie- any flavour, choux puffs, fruit danishs- cherry or blueberry)- at a time of the winner's choosing and delivered to EC1! 

Donated by Mari-Beth Davis

Minimum Bid $20  
Name of Bidder Bid Amount ($)
Lauren Burgess $20.00
Carly Flett $30.00
Ingrid Cowan $35.00
Sean Thomas $40.00
Beth Bohnert $41.00
Sean Thomas $45.00

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