Alumni profiles

University of Waterloo alumni pursue diverse and satisfying careers, develop interesting personal projects and find ways to explore their passions, and the world. Read about the adventures and accomplishments of other alumni.

Applied Health Sciences

Lt. Col. Jim Kile (BSc '85, MSc '87)                                                    Agnes Nowaczek (AHS Phd ’09)


Peter Hall (PhD' 02)                                                                         Sean and Amy Zister (BES '96, BA '98) 
Dr. Annie Wong (LLD '07)                                                                    Tim Hicks (BA '02, Psychology)                                           


Jas Banwait (BSc '06, MBET '07)
Rahul Bhardwaj (BASc '06)
Greg Naterer (PhD '95)

David Cornfield (BASc ‘85)


Kevin O'Leary (BES '77)
Brett Rogers (BES '06)                                                                      Sean and Amy Zister (BES '96, BA '98) 


Mike Jutan (BMath ' 07)
Michele Mosca (BMath '95)
Debo Ajayi (MMATH '89)


Heather Foley (BScPhm '11)
Marion Ma (BSc '08, MAcc '09)

Rowena luk, BASc '05

Glenn Howard, BES '85