Ask an alumnus

What is it?

The Ask an Alumnus column is featured in the First Year Student Life monthly e-zine, Student Life 101. It provides current students the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of University of Waterloo alumni.

Students submit questions they have about different topics e.g. travelling, summer job search, nutrition, taxes etc. and each month a different topic is profiled. We find an alumnus with expertise in a particular area, provide them with several questions submitted by students and post the answers in Student Life 101.

While the publication is geared towards first year students, all University of Waterloo students have access to the column and can learn from the experiences of alumni who came before them.

How can you help?

Alumni can submit their areas of expertise or a suggested topic to profile in Ask an Alumnus by completing the form below. If we use your help for a column, only your name, job title, company name and your answers to the questions will be shown. Your personal contact information will not be posted unless you provide consent for us to do so.

Why would you help?

This is an opportunity to be an ambassador for your university, make a meaningful impact on current University of Waterloo students and allow people to benefit from your expertise.
* indicates required information.

Ask an alumnus web form

We will contact you by email at the address you provided when we would like your assistance for an upcoming Ask an Alumnus column. Submit any questions.

Follow this link to submit the ask an alumnus form.

We are currently looking for alumni with expertise in the following areas:

  • student housing rental tips
  • buying a new/used vehicle
  • student banking/finance tips

Thank you,
Office of Alumni Affairs