Become an Ambassador

Serving as a Global Ambassador is a wonderful way to give back to the university, with only a modest time commitment. You also get the satisfaction of assisting your fellow alumni and the chance to show off everything your community has to offer.

We're looking for alumni in areas without chapters to volunteer as Global Ambassadors. Interested? Read on...


What kinds of things are Global Ambassadors asked to do?

  • Serve as a point of contact for alumni traveling in or moving to your region
  • Liaise with the Alumni
  • Plan or assist with alumni events in your area (new student send-offs, group meetings, social events, etc.)
  • Encourage local alumni to update their contact information with the Alumni Affairs Office
  • Represent Waterloo at local functions, as required
  • Assist with Waterloo student recruitment events
  • Build support for a possible alumni chapter in your area

How do I become a Global Ambassador?

  • Complete the application form (PDF) and send it to Alumni Affairs.
  • Once you've been approved, we will ask you to:
    - sign a privacy and confidentiality form
    - provide us with a short biography
  • Once your contact information is posted on this site, your ambassadorship has begun! You may start receiving email from alumni at any time.

We've welcomed many other Canadians to Barbados and helped them to adjust to its climate (OK, that part's not so hard) and eccentricities.

"Anyone planning a relocation or just visiting is welcome to contact me.

Greg Merrick
BMath '79