Mahmood Mirza (BMATH ’05, Operations Research)

mahmoodMahmood is a brand strategist and management systems consultant. In 2011 he set up his own small business consultancy to work with high potential startups and SMBs to develop amazing products and scale business. In parallel, Mahmood spends a lot of time mentoring and coaching young founders and CEOs. 

Mahmood is a founding member of the Insaf Professionals Forum - a global network of Pakistani professionals focused on building a more peaceful and prosperous Pakistan. He is also co-founder of "The Good News" - a community driven news website that aims to spread positivity and optimism in and about Pakistan. 

He is also involved with several non-profit ventures working in education, health and community building.

Mahmood was born in London, UK and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. He went to school at the prestigious Karachi Grammar School from 1985-2000. He re-settled in Karachi after graduating from the University of Waterloo (2000-2004) with a honours degree in Operations Research (B.Math) and a minor in Computer Science.

Mahmood is easily accessible and happy to help with advice and connections. He enjoys connecting with high school and university students as much as he does with professionals and entrepreneurs. He is committed to developing a thriving UW alumni community in Pakistan and to leverage the Waterloo brand for the betterment of Pakistan and Pakistanis.