Hope and Dismay


The ALW webinar entitled “Climate Emergency and the Church” (October 1, 2019) was informative regarding the activities that some individuals, local congregations, and national/international organizations are engaging in with regards to the climate change we are globally experiencing. I was left with both a sense of hope and dismay.

These words are a hand-painted sign

These words are a hand-painted sign.

I used a utility knife to cut the next sentence out of cardboard:

“Sea levels are rising, so are we!”

and so the poets are going on strike.


No more heaped-up adjectives,


(This blog was written as a reflection on the ALW canoe trip that took place from September 13-16, 2019 in Massasauga Provincial Park.)


(This blog was written as a reflection on the ALW canoe trip that took place from September 13-16, 2019 in Massasauga Provincial Park.)


pilgrims take shelter

sharing courage as thunder BOOMS --

it is just enough. 


wilderness routine

simplifies life together --

wood, fire, laughter, wine.


we ponder deeply 

a night owl ponders too...

Hoo? Hoo cooks for you??


sitting in Circle -- 

gratitude and growth found in 

a tiny acorn. 

The Final Frontier

Today is April 12 and so we celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight. On this day in 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space in a spherical capsule known as Vostok 1.

Communion as a Dynamic Practice

sharing communion

Every next imaginable thing

Here is the landscape under all the white,

Everywhere wrapped in cold and wonder.

Every last summer tucked beneath a quiet blanket –

This is the landscape where you are learning to walk.


Here is the fertile ground covered with snow,

Every clump of soil resting, breathing, anticipating.

Everything unconquerable about this field ready to poke through –

There is no turning back

Marie Fortune and Emily Cohen

I clearly remember my first thought walking into the fellowship hall at Steinmann Mennonite Church. I was very excited to see almost 200 people from several different faith communities ready to spend a day discussing and learning about the persistent and perplexing issue of sexual violence in faith communities. I was also impressed with the introduction to the guest speakers. Keynote speaker Marie Fortune has been a driving force behind church responses to sexual violence since I was a toddler (and I’m not that young). I can’t imagine how hard her work would have been four decades ago.

Making love manifest

On Epiphany Sunday I spent the morning with Waterloo-Kitchener United Mennonite Church (Waterloo, ON) for worship and adult Sunday School. At the top of the agenda was Ephesians chapter 3 which is one of the lectionary passages for Epiphany Sunday.