• Do you have a heart for participatory education?
  • Do you enjoy learning as much as you enjoy teaching?
  • Do you want to develop your skills as a facilitator?
  • Do you see a workshop in our program that attracts you as an instructor?

The Anabaptist Learning Workshop intends to equip and encourage a variety of instructors – including practitioners, professors, and seasoned facilitators – who bring creativity, a sense of engagement with the Anabaptist tradition, and strong instincts for participatory education.

Regardless of your level of teaching experience, we want to hear from you if you feel drawn to our program and its participatory learning model. Please contact us so that we can discuss some possibilities for getting involved as an instructor.

What will transform education is not another theory, another book, or another formula but educators who are willing to seek a transformed way of being in the world. In the midst of the familiar trappings of education – competition, intellectual combat, obsession with a narrow range of facts, credits, and credentials – what we seek is a way of working illumined by spirit and infused with soul.

-Parker Palmer

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