• Are you an “average person” hoping to enrich your experience of church?
  • Are you a church leader wanting to discover new leadership practices?
  • Are you a pastor looking for continuing education to support your ministry?
  • Are you a new Canadian wanting to learn more about Anabaptism?
  • Are you a seeker?

Please contact us so that we can hear about your ideas and your questions about the Anabaptist Learning Workshop.

You can also browse our workshop offerings, learn about our vision, and check out our online resources.

Open us to our full humanity.
Inspire us to seek what the great human souls have sought.
Remind us that in genuine religion is found
Reverence and awe
Wonder and worship
Love of mystery
Humility and humour
Compassion and community
Tolerance of paradox
Peace that passes all understanding.

-Tracy Wenger Sadd,
Make Us Disciples of a More Excellent Way

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