A participant in the program can earn a certificate after completing 15 credits, at least eight of which must be from the list of Core Workshops (including at least two separate enrolments in the Reading the Bible as a Community workshop). The certificate is optional – you do not need to work toward a certificate in order to benefit from the program.

Normally, each one-day workshop equals 1.0 credit (e.g. Saturday workshop from 9 am to 5 pm with one-hour lunch break). In some cases, workshop time might be adapted to local circumstances – e.g. half-day workshop worth 0.5 credits, or a two-day workshop worth 2.0 credits.

Total accumulated hours to earn the certificate: 105 hours.

You can take workshops in any order. There is no start-time or stop-time, and you can join in at your own pace.

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