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Anabaptist Learning WorkshopThe Anabaptist Learning Workshop features a participatory and experiential approach to learning:

  • Based on Jesus’ approach to teaching – i.e. incarnational, invitational, inspirational
  • Based on the traditions of adult education – i.e. participatory learning, popular education, and the cycle of action and reflection (praxis).
  • A distinctive approach that sees both learners and instructors involved in a project of co-constructing knowledge together.
  • Seeks to build intercultural skills through the cultivation of solidarity, mutual respect, listening, and attentiveness to power and oppression.

We develop workshops in two different ways:

  1. Pre-planned workshops are developed by a curriculum committee in collaboration with instructor(s) and program staff. Check out our workshop listings.
  2. Customized workshops are developed by local church or local group in collaboration with instructor(s) and program staff. Contact us to tell us about your ideas for a tailored workshop in your community.

The typical offering for this program is the one-day workshop– e.g. a Saturday workshop from 9 am to 5 pm with a one-hour lunch break. Variations will include half-day, evening, and two-day workshops. In general, the one-day workshop is designed to be long enough for exploratory learning and serious engagement with the topic, but not long enough for in-depth analysis or extensive practice.

You can take workshops in any order. There is no start-time or stop-time, and you can join in at your own pace.

We also encourage students to consider other programs that offer educational opportunities beyond the scope of the Anabaptist Learning Workshop - see our links and resources page.

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