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Profile Pic of Jeffrey Coffin

Jeffrey Coffin

MA Student

Jeff started the program in September 2018. He is interested in archaeology, bioarchaeology, and paleoanthropology. His research is aimed at studying the mobility of prehistoric people from a site in Southern France through isotopic analysis of their dental enamel. 

Profile Pic of Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott

MA Student

Kate entered the program in September 2018 after completing her BA (Hons) in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. Her research is looking into the health of women experiencing homelessness in the local area, with a particular interest in combatting period poverty and reducing the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Liz Rayner profile pic

Elizabeth Rayner

MA Student

Elizabeth completed her BA (Honours) in Anthropology with a minor in East Asian Studies at University of Waterloo. She began the Public Issues Anthropology program in September 2018. She is interested in all fields of anthropology, but is focusing on relations between the public and the government regarding corrections. Other interests include constructed reality, ritual behaviour, food, displacement of agency, and restorative justice.

Benjamin Scher profile pic

Benjamin Scher

MA Student

Ben Scher completed his BA in Combined Social Sciences at Durham University in the UK and is currently pursuing an MA in Public Issues Anthropology here at the University of Waterloo. His MA research uses a qualitative focus to analyze the relationship between law enforcement and drug users who frequent supervised consumption sites in the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood of Vancouver. In light of the current fentanyl epidemic in Canada, Ben is passionate about furthering public knowledge surrounding harm reduction strategies and producing research that can inform on progressive public policy initiatives such as supervised consumption sites.  

Martha Tildesley Profile Pic

Martha Tildesley

MA Student

Martha entered the program in September 2018. She has been working as an archaeologist in the private archaeology sector. She is interested in a wide range of topics within anthropology and its sub-fields of archaeology and bioarchaeology in all parts of the world. Currently, she is interested in heritage legislation, post-colonial and decolonial theory, and the protection of Indigenous rights and materials.

Panchala Weerasinghe Profile Pic

Panchala Weerasinghe

MA Student

I completed my BA (Honours) in Anthropology at University of Waterloo and entered the Public Issues Anthropology program in 2018. I am interested in bioarchaeology, osteology and archaeology of burial. My research aims to identify possible relations between burial treatment and pathology of individuals from Late Roman Greece.

Chiara Williamson Profile Pic

Chiara Williamson

MA Student

Chiara entered the program in September 2018. She is an archaeologist interested in Ontario archaeology, particularly in the Great Lakes region. Her interests are in pottery production from the Late Woodland period as well as issues concerning decolonization and reconciliation with Indigenous communities. 

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