All members of the Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Computing Office share in the general consulting and training – both individual and group – across the entire Faculty. Indeed, these activities comprise the largest proportion of their time in a typical week. Any member of the group is available to provide consultation and/or training, and each individual provides support to the others to ensure requests are dealt with promptly and effectively. 

In addition to these activities, each member of the Computing Office has primary responsibilities for selected aspects of the computing infrastructure in AHS as well as secondary responsibility in support of other members of the group. These responsibilities are outlined below. 

Trevor Bain, IT Director

  • Management and direction of AHS Computing.
  • System administration of the Faculty Unix Server. System administration, software installation, maintenance of user IDs and passwords, web server and e-mail maintenance, and security measures.
  • Web Support. Web server installation, maintenance and security, consulting with respect to form and function, providing advise on AODA compliance.
  • Research Centre Support. UW Fitness.
  • Secondary Responsibility. School of Public Health and Health Systems, Propel.

Brent Clerk, IT Specialist

  • Research Centre Support: Propel, RAI-HIP, Ideas for Health,  RIA.
  • Departmental Support: School of Public Health and Health Systems system administration and desktop support.
  • Secondary Responsibility. RLS Department, AHS graduate students.

​Craig McDonald, IT Specialist

  • Research Computing Management. Maintenance and upgrading of all specialized research equipment and related data collection devices and software in Kinesiology research areas.
  • Departmental Support: Kinesiology system administration and desktop support.
  • Research Centre Support: CRE-MSD.
  • Network Administration. Configuring and securing the switches and hubs that comprise ahs subnets, administering IP address assignments, setting up wireless access points, and maintaining network authentication devices. 
  • Secondary Responsibility. Student computing environment, RIA, UW Fitness, CRE-MSD.

Lowell Williamson, IT Specialist

  • System administration of the Student Computing Environment. System administration of Windows servers, installing and packaging software, overseeing Active Directory pertaining to students, and other duties with respect to the student lab computing environment.
  • Departmental Support: Recreation and Leisure Studies, Dean’s Office, and AHS graduate students’ system administration and desktop support.
  • Maintenance of AHS backup servers.
  • Security: Management of SEP and WSUS servers.
  • Purchasing and imaging of new office computers.
  • Software distribution: Interface with IST on SCCM. 
  • Secondary Responsibility. KIN Department and research areas, AHS Web, network administration.

Cassandra Bechard, IST Account Representative

  • Liaison between AHS Computing and IST.
  • Departmental support: School of Public Health and Health Systems desktop support.
  • Primary Service Desk contact for undergraduate students.

​Note: This list represents rough accountabilities. Each member of the group has specific back-up responsibilities for another member and is familiar with all tasks and responsibilities. All members perform help desk support and sit on various uWaterloo advisory committees and working groups related to networks, systems and other information technologies.

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