How to check Quarantine

Suspicious email, including attachments which are password protected, are quarantined. Each day, a digest of the quarantined messages are sent via email. Here's a sample of the digest.

Sample of Quarantine Digest

To gain access to these messages visit,

Login using your UW credentials.

Proofpoint Login

Once logged in, there are options for the following.

Proofpoint Options

  1. Click Quarantine to view all of the messages that are currently in your quarantine (i.e. are marked as spam).
  2. You can search these emails, release selected emails, mark selected emails as not spam, allow the sender of selected emails, or use the Options menu to request a new end user digest email.

The most common task is Release and Allow Sender. This is used when a message is quarantined accidentally. Simply select the message, then click on Release and Allow Sender. 

Ohio State has produced a useful tutorial on how to release an email.

Other common tasks include creating Safe Senders List and Block Senders List.

Safe Senders

  1. Click Lists to access your Safe Senders List and Blocked Senders List.
  2. In the Lists folder, you will see your safe senders list and your blocked senders list.
  3. For each list, you can add, edit, and delete email addresses. You can also use the Options menu to request the lists to be emailed to you.

Comprehensive Proofpoint Overview

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