AHS Computing Newsletters

An initiative of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Computing is to release a bi-term newsletter regarding what's new in AHS Computing. The newsletter also consists of quick tips for commonly used programs, virus threat information as well as quick overviews of new computing technologies.

Please contact us if you are interested in further information regarding the newsletter articles.

AHS Computing newsletters:

Fall 2015: volume 12, issue 2

  • Tech Town Move -  How is the move to TechTown affecting computing in AHS
  • An Official Welcome to Trevor - Get to know the new AHS IT Director
  • AHSCO Updates - Tidbits about Computing in the Faculty
  • Windows 10 (it's not 98) - A short overview of Microsoft's new operating system
  • Office 2016 - The new version of Office will be ready for both the MAC & PC
  • Cryptowall Malware - Ransomware is prevalent and can be particularly nasty. Find out how you can protect yourself.

Winter 2015: volume 12, issue 1 (PDF)

  • ​Cloud-based Undergraduate Email -  A project team has been established to investigate moving Undergrad Email to a cloud provider
  • New Innovations in Learn -  Check out the new add-on/enhancements to our LMS.
  • AHSCO Update -  What is going on in the Computing Office?
  • Crossing a Border, do you give up your Password? -  What does AHS Computing recommend when travelling internationally and you are confronted with divulging your Password?
  • Undo & Redo -  Redo is almost as handy as Undo.
  • iPhoto -  Managing photos on the Mac was never easier!

Fall 2014: volume 11, issue 1 (PDF)

  • ​Welcome to Cassandra Bechard -  Meet the newest member of the AHS Computing Team.
  • ​AHS Research Drive -  Find out about the Research storage space being offered in AHS
  • ​AHS Computing Audit  -  An intensive internal audit was completed by Deloitte, find out how AHS Computing fared
  • AHSCO Update - News about the ongoings of computing in AHS
  • Operating System Updates
  • About the VPN - Why is the VPN integral to flexible work hours?
  • Use Your Outlook Account - Leverage Outlook to improve your workflow and that of your colleagues

Spring 2013: volume 10, issue 2 (PDF)

  • ​The Twist -  Dr. Ron McCarville, gives a review of his new Windows 8 touch screen laptop. 
  • Imagine if You Lost Everything! - What would you do if you were the grad student at Rutgers who lost 5 years' worth of research data? What plans do you have in place for your data?
  • AHSCO Summer Update - The Computing Office is up to a lot of different things during the course of the summer. Check out some of the really neat projects on the 'go'.
  • 10 Security Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid - We are concerned about your security, are you? We detail 10 easy steps to protect yourself and your identity.
  • AHS Computing YouTube Channel - We are piloting a YouTube channel where we will upload instructional videos. Check it out!

Spring 2013: volume 10, issue 1 (PDF)

  • ​IT Strategic Plan -  An update on the campus wide IT Strategic Plan and the role of AHS Computing
  • ​Cyber Crime? Ransomeware! ​- Recently Ransomeware has become more prevalent. There have been numerous instances in AHS. Learn how to identify and protect yourself against such threats.
  • Computer Jargon ​- In this issue we talk about the Cloud Computing
  • ​Office Seminar Series ​- An update on the recently completed Office 2010 Seminar Series presented by AHS Computing. Enjoy the recap if you attended, if not find out what you missed!
  • Wireless Update - Hardware updates are being done across campus including in BMH to improve the wireless service. Check out how the upgrades might affect you.

Fall 2012: volume 9, issue 4 (PDF)

  • A Clean Inbox is a Fast Inbox ​- We discuss the importance of having a clean inbox
  • ​The End of MSN Messenger​ - The popular Instant Messaging Client is being replaced by SKYPE
  • ​Computer Jargon ​- In this issue we talk about the internet
  • ​It is time to SHUTDOWN! ​- Turning off your computer at night is not only good for the environment, it is good for your productivity as well
  • ​The Survey Research Centre ​- A profile of a valuable on campus resource
  • ​Live Support via Web Chat - AHS Computing is offering another method of support, web chat

Spring 2012: volume 9, issue 3 (PDF)

  • ​​Where are the IT Guys? ​- Find out what the IT Guys are up to when you can't "find" them.
  • ​New CIO in IST​ - We introduce you to the new CIO from IST, Dave Wallace
  • ​Computer Jargon ​- In this issue we talk about cloud computing terms
  • ​Microsoft Surface Tablet ​- Microsoft is entering the world of hardware production and is poised to provide competition to Apple's iPad
  • ​Troubleshooting Your Computer (MS Word) ​- Ever wonder why MS Word sometimes acts up?
  • ​Xerox Copiers​ - New copiers have been deployed across campus
  • ​Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 ​- An update to the MAC OS is now available

Spring 2012: volume 9, issue 2 (PDF)

  • Active Directory Consolidation - The NEXUS and ADS directories are being combined to create a single identity and authentication source
  • ​Mail Merge Using Word 2010 
  • Computer Jargon
  • Dell Desktop Rollover Deal - ​UW has negotiated with Dell to provide a series of desktops and laptops to meet the needs of Staff and Faculty
  • ​Troubleshooting your Computer - ​Using F1 for Help.
  • ​MAC News
  • Encryption of Mobile Devices - ​As per UW policy, it is time to consider encrypting your mobile device.

Winter 2012: volume 9, issue 1 (PDF)

  • Windows 8 Preview - check out some of the new features in Microsoft's latest OS release
  • ​The Internet as We Know It...  - What does the US Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) really mean?
  • Computer Jargon
  • Laptop News - ​Dell has release a new ultra thin note book, the XPS 13
  • ​Troubleshooting your Computer - ​What to do about hard drive failure?
  • ​MAC News
  • ​Updates from the Computing Office

Fall 2011: volume 8, issue 2 (PD​​F)

  • Think your accounts are secure? - protect your computer accounts both your username and password
  • Research In Motions's (RIM) new Playbook - an overview of RIM's tablet
  • Computer jargon
  • Laptop news - a stolen laptop?
  • Troubleshooting your PC
  • MAC news - a new version of SEP for MAC and OS/X Lion now available
  • The best ways to lose your work - some hints and tips to avoid losing your work

Spring 2011: volume 8, issue 1 (PDF)

  • The end of remote desktop - security issues with RDP are leading to the move towards a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Goodbye Bryan! - after 15 years as Associate Dean, Dr. Smale moves on
  • Laptop news - securing your University of Waterloo laptop is a responsibility
  • Just because you own a MAC - just because it is a MAC, doesn't mean that it is immune to security risks
  • Software licensing -there are guidelines to all licensed software on campus
  • What’s new in outlook - some hints & tips about Outlook 2010

Fall 2010 : volume 7, issue 3 (PDF)

  • Behind the scenes - A series detailing what the computing office is up to
  • Calendar is dead, long live calendar - Bookit Calendar is being replaced by Exchange Calendar
  • Computer jargon – the start of a series explaining the lexicon of computing
  • Laptop news – there are big changes in store for laptops concerning connections and security
  • Virtualization project - AHS Computing is providing an alternative to installed software
  • ITMS staff on the move - the staff at what is commonly referred to as AV is on the move
  • Windows 7 - the new and improved Aero features are explained

Spring 2010 : volume 7, issue 2 (PDF)

  • Office 2010 - information on the campus agreement for Waterloo
  • Consult with the experts – before you buy a computer, talk to the experts
  • Green Information Technology (IT) update – the Green IT Advisory Group has formed and been given a mandate. Check out what they've been up to
  • An update on the Web Content Management System (WCMS) – the WCMS Project is well underway. What does this mean for AHS?
  • Another rant about backups

Winter 2010 : volume 7, issue 1 (PDF)

  • Cloud computing - the future of computing is upon us
  • Waterloo site licensing – clarification on the licensing of software at Waterloo
  • Waterloo chooses drupal – there will be drastic changes to how the web is managed
  • Green IT update – the on campus movement is gaining momentum. Learn about the new initiatives
  • Data recovery service – what to do if you really need to recover your files… and you don’t have a backup!
  • Office 2010

Spring 2009 : volume 6, issue 1 (PDF)

  • A farewell to Ersal
  • Inaugural Green IT contest winner
  • Symantec endpoint version 11 - a new version of Anti-Virus Protection is ready for release
  • Connect and microsoft exchange - during the spring 2009 term, AHS Computing will be working on migrating users E-mail services from healthy to a centrally managed Microsoft Exchange solution from IST called Connect
  • Consulting AHS Computing on new computer purchases - need a hand making a decision about a computer purchase?
  • Why should I encrypt my files?

Fall 2008 : volume 5, issue 3 (PDF)

  • AHS implements "Going Green Initiative" - a message from the Associate Dean of Computing Bryan Smale
  • IT taking the lead on green -business taking the lead in Green IT
  • Green Initiative contest - come up with an idea to help Green IT!
  • Green paper - 100% recycled post consumer non-chlorine paper now being used in the student computing labs
  • Other green impact and initiatives
  • Powering down your PC
  • What are other universities doing?

Fall 2008 : volume 5, issue 2 (PDF)

  • Microsoft exchange project - pilot project to investigate MS Exchange as a E-mail & calendaring system for Waterloo
  • Updates to teaching classrooms- upgrades to teaching classrooms in BMH
  • New E-mail service- students are to be moved to new E-mail service hosted by IST
  • Virtualization- AHS Computing's investigation of virtualization
  • Web advisory committee- Waterloo Identity Committee looking at a rebranding of the University of Waterloo
  • New student lab computers

Winter 2008 : volume 5, issue 1 (PDF)

  • AHS network gear updates - new HP Switches to improve performance
  • The University of Waterloo wireless upgrade- an IST initiative to improve the wireless experience across campus
  • PowerPoint 2007 presenter view - find out how to view your notes while you present
  • Seminar series - the Office 2007 Seminar Series is to be repeated
  • Windows Vista - User Account Control (UAC) - find out about the new Vista security model
  • AHS Computing’s digital camera

Fall 2007 : volume 4, issue 2 (PDF)

  • Office 2007 - an overview of the Microsoft's new version of Office
  • Office 2007 frequently asked questions - there are some changes to Office, here are the answers to some of your questions
  • What's new in Outlook 2007? - Outlook 2007 has a new features and a new look to make E-mail even easier
  • Security bulletin - the importance of a secure password cannot be over-emphasized. Outlined are tips to help you

Winter 2007 : volume 4, issue 1 (PDF)

  • Internet Explorer 7 release - Microsoft's new version of their web-browser
  • Tips for printing Adobe PDF files - have you ever had trouble printing a PDF?
  • Windows Vista preview - Vista is the new OS from Microsoft
  • It's a hoax!
  • Tips for Outlook users
  • What's the deal with spam?

Fall 2006 : volume 3, issue 3 (PDF)

  • Why do I need to backup my data? - backups are part of being a responsible user
  • Saving to the desktop - a temporary space to save files
  • Help with AV - what to do? Who to call?
  • Internet explorer 7 (IE7) - information on Microsoft's newest version of their web browser

Spring 2006 : volume 3, issue 2 (PDF)

  • The N:\ Drive - safe and secure space to store your files.
  • New phishing scam - protect yourself online!
  • Purchase a Dell at the University of Waterloo - save $$$
  • Safeguarding your kids on the net - protect your loved ones while they are online!

Winter 2006 : volume 3, issue 1 (PDF)

  • Meet Brent Clerk - newest addition to AHS Computing
  • Special issue segment: 5 top tips from each member of the AHS Computing Office

Fall 2005 : volume 2, issue 3 (PDF)

  • Keeping your inbox tidy
  • The problem with floppy disks : why can't I read my floppy disk?
  • Timely updates: a secure environment in AHS
  • Computing quiz : how much do you know?
  • Windows key shortcuts
  • Newest addition to the AHS Computing Office: Ersal Cahit
  • Managing your home PC : disk cleanup

Spring 2005 : volume 2, issue 2 (PDF)

  • Strong passwords : why do I need a strong password?
  • Driving around your PC : tips and tricks for getting around your PC.
  • Managing your home PC : USB drives
  • Managing your home PC : how to send E-mail from home
  • Managing your home PC : how to eliminate paper at home!

Winter 2005 : volume 2, issue 1 (PDF)

  • New Applied Health Sciences Computing website design: new standards create a more accessible and sleek website
  • MS Outlook: tips and tricks for E-mail
  • XP service pack 2: information on the latest security fixes for your home PC
  • AHSCO seminars: find out more about the AHSCO Seminars!

Fall 2004 : volume 1, issue 4 (PDF)

  • Phishing: watch out for this new form of identity theft
  • University of Waterloo-ACE: University of Waterloo Angel Course Environment launches in AHS this fall
  • Remote desktop: how to access your computer from anywhere
  • Waterloodir: learn the basics about the University of Waterloo directory

Spring 2004 : volume 1, issue 3 (PDF)

  • File naming conventions: tips on the best methods for file naming
  • Passwords: why must passwords be so complex? Find out in this issue
  • Spyware: how to proactively protect your computer against spyware
  • Vacation message: learn how to create a vacation message using myWaterloo

Spring 2004 : volume 1, issue 2 (PDF)

  • University of Waterloo wireless: AHS buildings now fully wireless! Find out how to connect
  • Meaning of Ctrl-Alt-Delete: why is it used?
  • Anti-virus software: how to get virus protection software free from the university
  • CD-R vs. CD-RW: what is the difference? Which type of CD should I use?

Winter 2004 : volume 1, issue 1 (PDF)

  • AHS Computing upgrades: AHS Computing upgrades faculty & staff servers
  • New University of Waterloo dialup number: University of Waterloo dialup has a new access number
  • Windows updates: learn the basics of keeping Windows up to date
  • USB storage devices: check out the latest method of personal data storage
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