Access to Network Storage

Every account has network storage that can be used for personal documents. Network storage is available also for departments and researchers. These locations are preferred because they are on-premise (here at UW), highly-available (multiple copies across multiple data centres), centrally monitored (24x7) and backed up hourly.
For departmental (administrative) documents, most people using Windows will see this storage mapped as their R: drive (cifs://filed/ahs$ for those using Macs).
AHS has allocated similar storage space to support research activities. Research space can be requested when/as needed.
Access to network storage from off-campus can be accomplished using the UW Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

What's available:

Provision of space, directory creation and management of permissions.

Who can use this service:

  • Faculty
  • Staff

How to request this service:

Please contact Lowell Williamson to arrange for disk storage space to be provisioned or modified.

Minimum notice to use service:

1 day

Average length of time to complete request:

20 minutes

Support for this service:


No cost.


BMH - B.C. Matthews Hall
200 University Avenue West